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Thread: Possible fix for few bugs

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    Default Possible fix for few bugs

    Hi, i've been testing BT5 Gnome 32 bit and found out that few tools have some hiccups!
    Do not panic !

    I found a way to fix major problems on my BT.

    1) step is to download Synaptic from the repository ( it is disabled by default)
    2) if you have trouble with any tool, just delete it from its directory since you are logged as root.
    3) re-download the tool again, it will collect all the dependencies and will work just fine.
    4) do not try to use VLC it wont work under root.
    5) you can add PPA's to the source but be carefull do not mess with the kernel at any stage.
    6) you will have to make a user account for Metasploit, follow my guide on beginners section in the forum.

    Hope this helps
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