Just some personal questions/thoughts after BT 5 fresh install startup

Since usually the first thing i do on a new workstation is #ifconfig
i found dhclient on eth0 was up by default and this was a surprise.
No problem of course i configured mine back to the old way (networking stopped)
but i am just curious to understand wich reason is behind this change .
Maybe for all that posts about "how to start networking in BT"?

Then i found services running from startup but this had to be done:
for example finding metasploit already bounded to postgre was nice!

I am also curious to know why some utils like Kate, Nectactview, vncviewer and vncserver have been removed from dpkg list.
Space reasons?

Seems to me BT guys have worked alot: kde, gnome, arm, x64 also...great !

Well reading back this post seems like i am asking an interview with developers but i am just a common curious user š_š