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Thread: Samsung N150 Plus Netboot

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    Default Samsung N150 Plus Netboot

    All hardware works for both 32bit and 64 bit kde installs to hard drive. No issues with wireless or wired. Battery shows about 8 hours of usage off a fresh charge (previously showed about 8 1/2 - 9 hours) but could just be getting old.
    Ed Wiget
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    Default Re: Samsung N150 Plus Netboot

    Hi there,

    I have an N130 net-book and was wondering; does it have the same WiFi card as the N150?

    The n130 has can come with two different cards a Realtek one and an Atheros one. I Think it depends on where in the world you purchase it from.

    Mine has the Realtek one with a RTL8192E Chipset.

    The reason I ask is because Ive had a few problems with it connecting to the internet. i can either find AP's but cant connect to them or i can't seem to find them at all.

    Did you have to install anything (driver...etc) or did it work out of the box?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks KANE

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    Default Re: Samsung N150 Plus Netboot

    Hello, I recently purchased a Samsung N150 Plus netbook based on your recommendation. Every thing seems to be working fine however, I notice the sound card does not seem to be working. Any suggestions?


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    Default Re: Samsung N150 Plus Netboot

    hey, i have a N145P and all seem's well but one thing. When i login in to nessus web page it won't let me scroll down to see the bottom half of the page cause there is no scrollbar. it does it when i load wireshark too. How about you? have ya'll been having the same type of problems with samsung netbooks?

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    Default Riferimento: Samsung N150 Plus Netboot

    hey, I use a netbook samsung n150 whit hspa integrated whit sim card.
    Distribution Backtrack 5 R1 started by usb is ok, but I didn't use modem hspa with sim card :-( ! Thanks for resolution of the problem.

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