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Thread: Help with install plz :)

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    Default Help with install plz :)

    Hey guys

    Basically i have a laptop with win6 and bt4 dual boot. It works perfectly and all :P but now i got the bt5....

    I was kind of hoping the installer would help me remove bt4 and install bt5 in its place but it wants to add another partition at the end of the hdd.

    So my options are to remove bt4 and then install it in the free space?

    So, firstly if i install bt5 will the boot loader be replaced and win still work??

    and secondly if my best option is to remove the bt4 then will i still be able to boot into windows lol ?? I would backup the partition to a external source, and just risk it but i dont have anything large enough!?

    Any help is greatly appreciated


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    Default Re: Help with install plz :)

    well first of all i think you meant that u are using WIN7 (not win6) . But that is not the point here.
    If you are not sure what exactly you are doing you should definitely backup your data. Next, i will describe my situation - i was running BT4, win7, slack - i burned bt5, booted from it, in instalator i simply deleted bt4 partition (its done by gparted if I am not mistaken), on the free (old bt4) space i created more suitable layout for me, and installed BT5 here. WIN7 and Slack survived with no harm and all 3 systems are booting just fine. BUT again, if you are not completely sure what are you doing, always (ALWAYS) backup your data first - btw. why to backup partitions?win7 fresh install is piece of cake (same goes for BT5 - great job dev team).

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    Default Re: Help with install plz :)

    Win6 i meant vista lol

    Ok so i'm best just backing up all me stuff and going for it arent i lol

    Thanks for the help

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