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Thread: Kudos to all on the BT5 release!!

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    Default Kudos to all on the BT5 release!!

    I had to take a moment to say Thanks to all of you who had a hand in the creation of BackTrack 5!
    I downloaded and burned the BT5 Gnome 32 bit ISO. The install took only 20 minutes. No bugs or other issues have been found thus far. I installed on a Dell M1730. This is a triple boot with Win 7 and Ubuntu 10.10.
    My dual Alfa AWUS036H cards work. The BU 353 gps works great. And somehow you even have my Dell internal 1395 mini card working in monitor mode. LOL!! Awesome!!

    Major Kudo's to you all at BT!!!!

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    Default Re: Kudos to all on the BT5 release!!

    I too want to thank the guys who have worked on BT5. It looks beautiful to work with as well as pack a punch. Can't wait to explore it in depth.

    Cheers again to you guys.

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    Default Re: Kudos to all on the BT5 release!!

    It's been a little while since I've visited the Backtrack forums (my last visit had BT4 rc2 as the latest version), so I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw BT5 was out. I have no idea what I'm in for yet, but I'm sure history will repeat itself in proving our beloved BT team has once again outdone themselves. I haven't installed BT5 yet, but I'd like to thank you all also in advance for your dedication to THE suite of software provided to us.

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    Default Re: Kudos to all on the BT5 release!!

    I'll proffer a third, heartfelt thanks from VA!
    "Whatever happened to playing a hunch, Scully? The element of surprise, random acts of unpredictability? If we fail to anticipate the unforeseen or expect the unexpected in a universe of infinite possibilities, we may find ourselves at the mercy of anyone or anything that cannot be programmed, categorized or easily referenced."

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    Default Re: Kudos to all on the BT5 release!!

    Definitely have to thank you guys very much. I got everything installed and working in gnome 64 bit. Pyrit, flash, sound, hydra with ssh support... all working perfectly. Excellent release guys. Thank you.

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