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Thread: ati-stream + pyrit + SDK x64

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    Default ati-stream + pyrit + SDK x64

    Hello all.
    First of all sry for my english, its my third language

    Im downloaded and install bt5 gnome x64, install without any problem and want to install pyrit, but i get some troubles:

    Note: Il try this older guide|.html but for x64 its not work. Im apologize that this guide works fine on x32 systems.

    First im download ati drivers 11.05 x64, and they install without problems.
    Second im download ati SDK for x64 system, unpacked and change bashrc:

    export PATH=$PATH:/etc/alternatives/gem-bin
    After im install pyrit from svn from author's guide:

    After this im typing:
    root@bt:~# pyrit list_cores
    Pyrit 0.4.0 (C) 2008-2011 Lukas Lueg
    This code is distributed under the GNU General Public License v3+
    The following cores seem available...
    #1:  'CPU-Core (SSE2)'
    #2:  'CPU-Core (SSE2)'
    #3:  'CPU-Core (SSE2)'
    Ive got 2x Radeon 5670 in crossfire, and follow older guide on bt4 all works fine.

    Thanks for any tips to properly install this on x64 system.
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