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Thread: [HOW-TO] Backtrack 5 on Motorola Xoom (with Gnome UI via TightVNCServer)

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    Cool [HOW-TO] Backtrack 5 on Motorola Xoom (with Gnome UI via TightVNCServer)

    After much frustration I have gotten the GUI part of the backtrack 5 arm release working with the Motorola Xoom.

    - Rooted Motorola Xoom (this may work with other devices, other honeycomb tablets, and probably the dual-core phones like the Atrix and G2X, but it's untested at the moment)
    - androidVNC from the Android Market
    - Backtrack 5 for ARM with Gnome downloaded and setup
    - Terminal Emulator from the Android Market (which you should already have)

    Launch the terminal emulator and enter the following commands:
    cd /sdcard/BT5 (this is assuming you copied it to the default location)
    sh bootbt
    BackTrack will start up in shell. You will get a red line that says "root@localhost:". To verify if you type:
    ls pentest
    It should echo back the folders in pentest, stuff like 'backdoors','database',etc.

    At this point enter the following commands:
    export USER=root
    [Edit] The second line of code ('vncpasswd') is actually optional. If you do not set a passwd for vnc, the default is 'toortoor'

    When you type in 'vncpasswd' this is to the the password for the tightvncserver. Since I only connect locally I just use 'qwerty' for my password, and then confirm the password. When it asks if you want to create a view only password just type 'n' and hit enter. After you have your password setup for vnc start the server up.
    tightvncserver -geometry 1280x800
    When this happens you will get a message confirming that "New 'X' Desktop is localhost:1" and a bunch of other random stuff below it (it isn't important unless there are errors listed). At this point, press the "HOME" button on the Xoom and then open the application "androidVNC". In the "Nickname" box, you can name it whatever you like. In the "password" entry, use your password (mine is 'qwerty'). In the "Address" box you can type in localhost (or leave it blank). ****Change the port from 5900 to 5901. I also recommend setting the color-depth to 24-bit. After that press the "connect" button, and bam! You're rocking Backtrack 5 on your motorola xoom!!

    You're welcome to repost this on other message boards of on your website, please just give me credit though. Thank you and enjoy!

    I couldn't post this in the How-To section. I think it's because my account has next to no posts at all!

    [Edit] Apologies... Gnome is a Desktop Manager. Cannot correct topic name
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    Default Re: [HOW-TO] Backtrack 5 on Motorola Xoom (with Gnome UI via TightVNCServer)


    Once in the chroot, you can simply type:

    to start the vnc server... and:

    to kill it cleanly.

    Also, i find the "Pocket Cloud" VNC client to be the best in terms of speed and clarity.

    Well done on the post!
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