I have a problem with my wireless card. At some wireless it is connecting but few seconds after getting ip it seems like disconnects. It is keeping the ip, i mean when i type ifconfig i see the same ip, but i cannot even ping gateway and of course i do not have internet. For the first 8-12 seconds is working, i can open pages, ping hosts, do everything normally but after this short period of time it seems down. And it has nothing to do with signal strength. I had the same problem when the access point was 0,5m. away.
I have tried anything. This problem showed after bt4 pre. At this distro (bt4 pre) it was working perfect. But at bt4, bt4 r1, bt4 r2, bt5 the problem remains. I have tried 3 wireless cards, one of them was awus036h and 2 pc's. I have the same problem either if i run it from live cd, installed on disk or VMWare.

I am desperate, any suggestion? I wander if anybody else faces the same problem, I have searched the forum many times but i did not find anything useful. And because i thing that this is a bug that's why i open a new thread here.

Thanks for your time and sorry for my English...