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    Default Crypto algorithm


    not a backtrack question as such, but I have used backtrack so thought I would try here:

    I am trying my hand at programming, and have have used some cryptography algorithms to generate a license key of sorts for my program. Basically, if you saw this key would you be able to crack it/have ideas about what algorithms have been used etc?



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    To figure out what algorithms were used it would take more than just looking at an example key but at first glance it looks at least partially base64 encoded. If your program runs on a client machine and at some point calculates a valid code, or compares input to a valid code, then most likely the algorithm could be reverse engineered using a debugger.

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    I second what Dudeman02379 said. I would be more inclined to look at your program that the key itself.

    I don't know your background so forgive me if you know the following..The most common method of cracking your program would be to either reverse engineer/debug the algo as your program is checking it. Most likely your program goes through these steps:

    1. get user input of the supposed good key.
    2. generate a real key based on the user input, say their name and/or company.
    3. compare the generated key with the one they inputted.. if good, regestered, if not, pop the bad boy message of "incorrect key"

    the other option is to modify your .exe to just accept any code, or not even do the routines at all.

    you would be surprised at the amount of software that has stuff like:

    real complicated routine
    if bad code then
    not registered

    just change it to :

    real complicated routine
    if bad code then
    //not registered

    good luck

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