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Thread: Installation of BT stucked @ ISOLINUX

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    Default Installation of BT stucked @ ISOLINUX

    Hello everyone!

    I have problem with installing BT5 via DVD. Everytime I want to boot BT from DVD, ISOLINUX pops up (2 lines, first is about tool and its author, second starts with "boot: " and expects input from me). I don't have any experience working with that tool /shell / whatever it is. Any unix-like command I can remember fails.

    I downloaded .iso and checked md5. It matches with one provided in torrent folder.
    I burned it on lowest speed (1x) with two different burners (XPBurner and Active ISO Burner) 3 times - none of DVD is working how it should (starts ISOLINUX).
    I checked md5 of burned files. Everything seems ok.
    I went through few tutorials how to burn .iso file step-by-step (just to mention, this was heavly overkill, I'm not rocky with Linux or .iso files).
    I found my old BT4 r2 DVD and it seems to boot nicely.

    I know I'm doing mistake somewhere, I just don't know where. And it's really frustrating. I feel like Goliath being constantly slapped by David.

    Thank you in advance.

    EDIT: BT5 - KDE - 64bit
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