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Thread: alfa card in BT with VMWare

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    Default alfa card in BT with VMWare

    it seems like the error " 132 unknown error " disapered in BT5 using VMWare , VMWare will understand what i'm talking about

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    Default Re: alfa card in BT with VMWare

    This is a known issue in VMware. MAC80211 rto8187 drivers tend to rfkill themselves.
    Use the legacy IEEE r8187 driver instead.

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    Default Re: alfa card in BT with VMWare

    alternatively, you type the following into your console

    rmmod rtl8187
    rfkill block all
    rfkill unblock all
    modprobe rtl8187
    rfkill unblock all
    ifconfig wlan0 up wlan0 can be any wlan# interface

    i just made this into a script, and run it when my card crashes. ive never tried the old drivers.

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    Default Riferimento: alfa card in BT with VMWare

    I did the same exact thing as ShadowMaster, but in my script I put the LSB information and added it to /etc/init.d/ folder. Opened up konsole and typed this in. On my scripted I named it rtl8187 since thats the alfa chipset. Don't forget to make the script executable.

    root@bt:~# update-rc.d rtl8187 defaults
    Where rtl8187 is the name of the script that I made.

    Now when I boot up I don't have to worry about it. I also have the script on the desktop just incase the rfkill swtich makes the card useless again. I have a youtube video which you can watch to see my script in action. I'm curemymind in youtube if you wanna search for me. I make a lot of BackTrack for dummies tutorials.
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