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Thread: Digital Forensic Framework

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    Default Digital Forensic Framework

    The Digital Forensics Framework (DFF) is both a digital investigation tool and a development platform. The framework is used by system administrators, law enforcement examinors, digital forensics researchers and students, and security professionals world-wide. Written in Python and C++, it exclusively uses Open Source technologies.
    DFF combines an intuitive user interface with a modular and cross-platform architecture.

    This project is growing fast and would be an excellent addition to the Digital Forensic section in Backtrack 5. It should be compatible with the version of python in backtrack 5. It is a nice tool and already has a small growing community of forensic enthusiasts and professionals that support the project and the developers at in the channel #digital-forensic . This channel is for discussion of the project as well as general digital forensic topics. I think that this framework has a lot of potential and will eventually compete with some of the big name tools such as FTK or Encase.
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    very nice mate

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    seems very nice,i will try

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