Just downloaded the VM Gnome version and have installed the KDE version
on a netbook (Samsung N110) and am loving it !

Damn it looks awesome... !!

Fantastic job on the GUI, it feels.. well.. really professional ! and just simply looks awesome.

The tools have been whittled down quite a bit and missing crunch not being in there,
however crunch v3.0 will probably be requested to be included within short I'm sure.

Just a couple of queries on the basics..

Bash window transparency

Now this is probably a one O one .. but I am wondering how to get the bash windows
to set transparancy to only desktop as was the case in BT4 and as seems to be the
case with the Gnome VMware version.

I like the transparancy showing the desktop with logo etc., however would prefer to
not have other open windows (firefox / dolphin / konqueror etc.) seen when having
a bash window up.

Can anyone please give some pointers on that ?
I have tried some options and suspending the Desktop effects cancels out all transparency which is OK, but I am an eye-candy kind of guy who appreciates a bit of fun

Screen captures
Noted that ksnapshot is not included, no biggie as easily installed.
(apt-get install ksnapshot)
However wondeinrg if an alternative was included that I may have missed ?


recordmydesktop works great on the KDE install on netbook, however does not work
for me on the Gnome install on VM returning an error.
recordmydesktop --no-sound -o test
Results in a ;
Y:0    Width:1118    Height:911
Adjusted recording window is set to:
X:6   Y:0    Width:1106    Height:912
Your window manager appears to be Metacity

X Error: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)
Whereas the exact same command works fine on the HDD KDE install on netbook.

Am I missing something trivial ?
Any ideas ?

All in all though, very happy with yet another superb release.

Well done men !