I have been learning to play with Ettercap and combining it with SSL stripping.
I was quite fond of the Sniff.sh script that I found on this forum.
However whenever I run this script (or any other combination of Ettercap combined with sslstrip (0.8) and arp spoof my ettercap will randomly dissapear.
My arpspoof is still going and showing network activity from my router and ssl strip is still running but the Ettercap sometimes just dissapears.

A related issue: My ettercap log files are unreadable. When I utilize Sniff.sh and I add a string to output a log file (pcap and eci) they are all unreadable and mostly in code (even when I use etterlog to view them)--however if the Ettercap terminal does not dissapear I can see the usernames and passwords appear in the terminal window.

Any advice would be appreciated.