The BackTrack 5 BUGS forum should ONLY include bug reports, and any issues you have found with the release.
Please use descriptive titles for your posts. "Help me" as a title is not descriptive or useful, and will probably not get your issue resolved.
Give as much information as you can about your problem, including an output of dmesg and any related logs.

OK, you got your brand new shiny BackTrack setup and you think you have found a bug, and want to report it. Well please ensure that your bug is not already posted in this section. If it is we don't need a new thread. Feel free to update the already existing thread on the subject and add your information. If there is not a previous thread then feel free to make one.
Please be as detailed as possible.
Threads that contain as an example "wireless card X does not work" are not really helpful and likely to not be taken seriously. However "wireless card X version .4 b/g/ using chipset Y", is more helpful. For wireless cards the output of lspci or lsusb as well as ifconfig at a minimum is helpful. Posting any and all actual error messages will go along way to generating a fix if needed.
If there is information available elsewhere on the Internet providing us with a link will also be beneficial. If you have a fix or work around then provide this information as well.
We may not be able to troubleshoot or make the needed fixes if you can't provide this info.

If your thread lacks the necessary details it may get deleted

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