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    Anyone was trying to use Retina Community edition?
    It's been a while since i was working with the full version, so i am mainly asking if there is any point of diving into this.

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    OK, i tested it myself. I know that its WIN app, but I personally think, that its good to have some "scope".

    I tried also the trial version and I must say that the community edition is truly more then just strip off.

    System updates very often (it even says what will be updated - like CVE Audits, etc.). U can scan 32 IPs (cross platforms), remediate scans and form "cool" graphs. Objectively the scanner is quicker than OpenVAS and subjectively its faster then nessus. I compared the resullts from all three and i must say, that this Retina was most detailed. Accuracy is comparable with OpenVAS, but little more comfortable. The only one problem is, that there is no web testing included! But i am convinced to use this tool for a while. so more info will be added for those who are interested.

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