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    I just installed backtrack 4 in VMware, according to this tutorial Backtrack 4 Final Installation in VMware with VMware tools, i used backtrack 2,3 and pre final 4 and i have never had this problem ... after installing and configure networking ( in VMware the connection is Bridge ) and in backtrack the eth0 interface is geting ip address from the dhcp. The local ping from the shell is ok ... i can ping and the ping has reply ... but if i ping Google im getting no reply. But if i try to open with firefox the page opens ... does anyone knows any solution for this ?

    TNX in advance !

    Tnx again

    So i found the solution and i would like to share with all off you ...
    The problem was with the NOD32 SS firewal, in the machine that was running the VMware ... when i disabled it, i was getting the reply in shell that i needed. it was a little bit strange but that's it ...

    Tnx again for the post ...
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