Hello All,

I'm looking for some suggestions regarding the use of SQLninja 2.5

Specifically, when trying to spawn a reverse_tcp shell via netcat connection. I believe the problem is related to sqlninja /scripts or possible the /source directory??? when i try to upload nc via sqlinjeciton "file upload" technique (sqlninja -m upload), prompts me for what file I’d like to upload "/usr/share/doc/sqlninja-0.2.5/scripts/nc.scr"

[v] Starting upload module
[v] Deleting any previous instance of nc.scr...
[+] File is already in script format. I won't be able to check
the correct size of the resulting binary
[+] Uploading /usr/share/doc/sqlninja-0.2.5/scripts/nc.scr debug script............
1540/1540 lines written
[v] Checking number of uploaded lines

[v] nc.scr seems to have been properly uploaded
[+] Converting script to executable... might take a while

***but the connection never comes up***

1.) why is sqlninja relying the target to compile nc.scr instead of just sending the executable payload via sql-injection?

I'm not a SQL admin so please excuse the lack of sql knowledge, many thanx for your assistance.