Hey everyone,

So after cracking WEP's and testing out aircrack for a while, I managed to try a "hidden network" I was able to retrieve the hidden essid and everything was running like it was suppose to be, using airodump and aireplay. It may be a coincidence but aircrack did its job and KEY FOUND! Decrypted 100% and all that good stuff. Gave me a loooong HEX WEP and thats it, no additional passphrase or ASCII, nothing. Just the long WEP Key.

I attempted to connect using the key and taking out the " : " in between each set of numbers like you always do, and over and over I kept getting "bad password" errors using the wifi network manager in BT4 R2. I even changed the properties for different WEP encryption's and still failed at connecting.

I know that most of you would think, as would I, that there would have been something after the long wep key, but there was not. I am curious if it was possible that aircrack gave me wrong information? Has this happened to anyone else?

Also, if the router is set up to only accept certain MAC addresses, would I still get a bad password error?

Thanks for reading the novel everyone. Unfortunately I do not have all of the information saved in a convenient file or screen shot. You will just have to take my word for it. Thanks everyone.