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Thread: n00b questions regarding GRUB

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    Default n00b questions regarding GRUB

    I just recently installed dual-boot system (Win 7 and BT4) on my laptop, Samsung Q430.
    I managed successfully to install it the way I wanted it - when normally the notebook boot into windows, but if I press F1 during boot - it takes me to GRUB. This procces was involved with installation of EasyBCD, and a step-by-step guide will posted, if such will be wanted.

    Now, my first question is actually a little problem with GRUB, which I can quote form another site, since I googling this problem and found the exact same problem in another site with no answer:

    However, a minor issue is there. When I power on my netbook, I get grub menu for os selection. I select Ubuntu and netbook will reboot and I will get menu again. If I select Ubuntu again, system won't reboot this time and will get desktop. Next time after shutting down netbook, if I power on and select Ubuntu again, netbook won't reboot and will work fine.

    Similarly, if I select WinXP, netbook will reboot for first time and selecting WinXP again will show window's improper shutdown screen and option to start in normal/safe mode. Selecting normal will work fine and I can login to XP too.

    So actually issue is that if I select any OS from grub menu which isn't same as my last session, netbook will reboot once and I need to select that OS again.

    I haven't encountered such issue earlier ever. If it require any change in default grub config ?
    Source is over here.

    Second, I want to know how to skip the GRUB boot-menu, and cause it to boot stright into BT, even tho I have 2 OS on my laptop.

    Any info will be much appreciated.

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    Default Re: n00b questions regarding GRUB

    I suggest you follow our official guide: Dual Boot maybe it will help you.
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    Do not read the Wiki, most your questions will not be answered there !
    Do not take a look at the: Forum Rules !

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    Default Re: n00b questions regarding GRUB

    I can follow the official guide, which is great BTW, but this will not help me.
    This problem occured even with the LiveCD, so I belive this has nothing to do with the installation process.

    Thank you anyway.

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    Default Re: n00b questions regarding GRUB

    Maby u have a corrupt distro, burn another directly from Backtrack-linux site. Also pay attention to the partition management if you do it manually.
    It seems the problem may be with where you place the grub bootloader.
    If u can boot bt then in bt open shell and type
    this should fix all the boot issues.

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    Default Re: n00b questions regarding GRUB

    First, thanks for the answer.
    Second - I don't think that the reason is "corrupt distro", since:
    A. The exact same disc worked very well on anthoer machines, giving no problems at all.
    B. As I reffered before - I saw some messages regarding boot problems with Samsung computers, describing the exact problem that I have.
    Therfore, I think the problem is in the way Samsung built their custom-boot manager.
    I'd like to know if anybody ran into this problem b4, and was able to solve it.

    (Oh, and I don't think 'update-grub' will help me neither. I've installed GRUB on the same partiton of BT, and I don't want it to be installed to the main MBR.)

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    Default Re: n00b questions regarding GRUB

    I'd like to know why my windows 7 partition always has to run a check disk after I reboot from BT to win 7. I am assuming it's cause one of the partitions is a expandable partition most likely the swap area. Am I close? how to I make it a set amount permanently?

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