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Thread: error while installing Framework 3.6.0

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    Question error while installing Framework 3.6.0

    i got a problem dont know how to fix it
    i use this command ( msfupdate ) to update framework after 5 mint i got error so i went to the website and download the full update

    im useing backtrack4 final in VMware Workstation

    and i use this command

    chmod +x

    i dont have another user name i use the root user

    photo of error

    i try to install it again it said change the folder i make new folder and i get the same error then i try again i got a box have the port 7175 i click ok i got the same error then i change the port number after another try same error always, can you help me guys to install the Framework 3.6.0
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    Default Re: error while installing Framework 3.6.0

    You should check into updating the Metasploit Framework through Subversion. I could be way off, but I think that is the preferred method. Use your Google-fu skills.
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