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Thread: What antenna do you use for injection?

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    Question What antenna do you use for injection?

    Just post some information about the card/antenna you use and what you think of it; I've been looking for a new (decent one) and it'd be good to see what other people are using:

    - Netgear WAG511 (Internal antenna)
    - Ubiquiti SRC (External 7dbi magnetic antenna)
    Comments: Both of these cards get about the same signal strength as each other (even though I'm carring around an antenna with the SRC).

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    External Omnidirectional
    External Directional
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    $7 Airlink101 AWLL3026 with antenna mod
    $7 Airlink101 7db antenna

    Both from Fry's Electronics on sale.

    All aireplay-ng attacks kick in nicely over long distances. Price is right. Performance is great.


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