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    Default Hi

    Thought it would be polite to say hi before I posted any questions.... so HI

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    As nobody else has replied to you yet, i'd just like to say welcome to the forum.

    As is regularly said here...before posting any questions read the FAQs, search Google and the forums to see if your question's been asked, (and answered before).

    The other bit of advice i'll give you is, when asking a question try to give all the information you can about your problem first! That way people are better able to help you, and often more willing.

    If you've got questions/problems with Wireless cracking, (using the Aircrack suite), then searching the Aircrack Forums will generally supply all the answers you'll need.

    Have fun and be good, remember Backtrack is designed to help you test, and thus secure, YOUR network...not to hack your neighbours, (or commit any other criminal activity), so don't ask questions that ellude to that sort of behaviour and you'll be fine

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