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Thread: No interface?

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    Default No interface?

    Yea, Ima noob.
    I got a Gateway NV50A. Here are the specs.
    AMD M880G Chipset?
    Atheros AR5B97 Wireless Card?
    After typing in 'airmon-ng' , it lists a whole lotta nothing. Is there a way I could get my card to work with Backtrack 4? Or do I have to use a USB device?

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    Default Re: No interface?

    Could you be mode specific on the exact issue, including details, commands, output?
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    Default Re: No interface?

    Is it via vmware?
    If so u will need usb type for monitor airmon-ng etc
    or is it live cd, or hardisk install?

    to see what devices are there

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    Default Re: No interface?

    I bet you are using vmware. You need usb dongle if that's the case.

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