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Thread: Autopsy update

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    Default Autopsy update

    How would I go about updating to the newest Autopsy 2.22 ver. Currently it is 2.08. And also is SleuthKit added with this Autopsy ver because I read that Sleuth Kit must be installed before Autopsy is.

    Or does it need to be added to the repo?
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    Default Re: Autopsy update

    Why don't you make a request in the Tool Request forum. Probably the best way.
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    Default Re: Autopsy update

    Agreed, probably the best place for this request. I already had Sleuthkit 3.1.0 installed, compiled from source (all tools are placed in /usr/bin) added all the menu entries by hand under Backtrack/Digital Forensics and then download Autopsy 2.22. Untarred it to pentest/forensics, ran make and then copied the autopsy perl progam over to /usr/bin. When I click on Autopsy under Backtrack/Digital Forensics/Forensic Analysis I have Autopsy 2.22. Not as easy as installing from the repos, but I like compiling things myself. Until it is added, it's basically following the install notes for each package and doing a little extra work by hand.

    Generally, more or less I would wait until it is added because I feel the fine people who make this distro do an awesome job (believe me I've used virtuallly every pentest/forensics distro there is) and there may or may not be support if something were to get messed up.

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