Hi Guys,

this is the problem I am having, I am not able to stay connected on my wireless network on bt4r2.
Here are some behaviors I've noticed while attempting to connect:

1. When i click "Connect" the WICD gets stuck on the validating authentication part
2. When it has already authenticated it gets stuck on Obtaining IP address
3. Once it has successfully connected (after several tries)..... it suddenly gets dropped(one sec i can ping google the next second i cannot)

The above problems are the same no matter which wireless adapter i use be it Alpha,linksys wrt54usb, or another linksys adapter (i forgot the model)

This is the scenario i am facing, here are more details about my current setup
DD-WRT(VPN) linksys router with DHCP enabled WPA2 enabled as wireless security.

I am suspecting a non BT related problem maybe someone could confirm this for me.

Thank you for you time