As I have written in the title I've got a problem with BT on my laptop.
When I input the disk into the drive, it boots, I choose the first option, console appeares and first few line of code says, that there are problems with reading video ROM of sth like that. Anyway, when everything load itself and I write "startx", the system doesn't open.
Fatal error occurs, that no screens are found, and my hands are tied. Practicly when I want to use Aircrack utilities I cannot use multiple shell windows, beacause main backtrack system doesn't open ;/
Is there any way to bypass this problem?

I'm writing this, because in G555 is built-in an Atheros AR9285, which is supprted by Aircrack utilities.

I also have two other computers, where bt works without complain, but my another usb wifi adapter TP-LINK TL-WN422G is not supported by Aircrack utilities, so I'm stuck ;/

Please advise.