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    I've install the bt4r2, but my wireless card doesn't work.
    I don't know why exactly, but I think is because of the bt4r2 is for 32 bits and my pc is 64 bits.
    Of course, I installed the 32 bits driver, the 'eth1' interface is up, but the wireless doesn't turn on.

    I'm using the drivers from this page:

    In the same machine, I've install a 64 bits OS, and take the 64 bits driver from the same page, and it's work perfectly.

    So, my question is, why it's happen? why I can't turn it on?

    Thanks !!!
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    Default Re: Broadcom bcm4311

    maybe it's just " ifconfig wlan0 up " :?

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    I have the BCM4311(r1) and it works fine with the b43 drivers that are included with bt4r2, however, I have not been able to get packet injection to work. I tried disabling the wl driver that is also enabled and blacklisted it, but injection still would not work. I did this because I thought that there was a conflict between the two drivers. If anyone has gotten this chipset to work with injection please let me know.

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