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Thread: Success! now what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gojoe View Post
    i have the same problem. i used kismac for my ibook and within 20min got a WEP key that was FF:FF:28:58:38 i have tried all variations of this and nothing lets me get online.

    please someone tell me exactly what to type and what to leave out. i am probably making a real stupid mistake but hey, i am new to this. can anyone help me.

    if it's your network or if yo got authorization to "pentest" it , you must know what is the key !!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bound4h View Post
    I was able to successfully crack my wep network key, yes this is exciting as I am sure it was exciting the very first time you did it, and aircrack says "Key Found [3534333231]"

    Now, I am sure this is hexidecimal, right? How can I confirm this is my key? My 64-bit key for my network was 54321. Do they equal each other? How do I convert it once I crack the key?

    Noob question, I know. But any suggestions would be nice.

    I'm kinda lost.... are we talking about converting the 'cracked wep key' into the 'ascii' or the 'passphrase'? because I think this has already been asked & covered & proved it CAN'T BE DONE
    sorry to burst one's bubble, but reading the reply's & if this is your AP you should know your wep key anyways & when You did crack your wep key you DO GET THAT TINGLE IN YOUR TUMMY yeah the same one when your on a rollercoaster that makes you feel good......... I'm babbling on here a bit sorry, but getting to the point.... If this is your AP & you did crack YOUR WEP key, then you will know straight away 'cos after all.......... you did set it, right?

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