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Thread: Booting Error in BT

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    Default Booting Error in BT

    when BT is booting, it gets all the way to the remote exploit background and then it starts to endlessly scroll the message

    "/2.6.20/src-drivers/alsa-driver-1.0.14rc2/pci/hda/hda_codec.c:216: hda_codec: invalid dep_range_va..."

    This message just scrolls non stop until I shut the computer off.

    Any ideas?



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    Default Ignore it

    Ignore the boot error it will stop scrolling it after about 5 to 10 minutes and finish booting..

    My problem is installing it, after installing I get a blank screen and no hard-drive mount.

    I guess it's better to run backtrack as a CD as there support for ease of install and upgrade really sucks for the end user.

    Not everyone is a computer genius even if these guys are, they should realize that for people alien to there OS it can all be very very confusing and people can get lost..

    I hope that in BackTrack3 they make it easier to upgrade and install and add more support.

    A few other things on my wish list while I'm at it would be full package installation support so upgrading the packages to later new releases is easier...

    As for paying them to remove the logo, there not the only hackers around..hehe!

    bt> cd /boot

    silent.jpeg is there branding... Remove it all you want!

    Thats just me though I love tweaking and customizing stuff.. I'm a bit of a fedora fan yes, try not to choke on your cup of tea and a biscuit... I like a red hat based distro.

    I recently found all of Dfongs artwork for fedora core 7 as well as 6, so I have the default names of every graphic in fedora if I want to remove them and change them to something with a bit more flay-va!

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