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Thread: fatal error: could not load /lib/modules/.../modules.deb no such file or directory

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    Default fatal error: could not load /lib/modules/.../modules.deb no such file or directory

    i have installed bt4r2 beside windows xp prof on my gericom laptop
    in live mode everything works fine. booting from hdd i get fatal error as mentioned.
    even my mousepad is not working. i tried to update initramfs but no succsess. networking is not possible because my network card netgear wg511t pci is not recognized. install cd checksum is ok. seems like root to drivers is messed up but i dont know how to fix it. i followed some instructions on linux forums but no fixing.
    sorry for bad english. please any help is apreciated even links to forums etc.
    working on this prob for days now.

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    Default Re: fatal error: could not load /lib/modules/.../modules.deb no such file or director

    If you are not going to give us enough details we can't help you.
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