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Thread: Making a De-Ice Wordlist

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    Default Making a De-Ice Wordlist

    In an effort to save some time since computing power is almost always an issue, (unless you're g0tmi1k and have a totally badass system), I am trying to put together a simple wordlist with all of the cracked passwords for De-Ice or ANY of the other 'Vulnerable by Design' systems. I will be adding a bit of random words in there just so it's not exact, and will be removing some of the passwords just to make it as accurate as possible. The goal is for people to have a smaller list that will do the job for the sake of learning as opposed to waiting for hours-on-end for their computer to crunch away and be disappointed if they are using a bad wordlist.

    Understand that while there is the obvious reason to have such a list, there are also cons to it i.e. depriving the users from doing the research and FINDING a good list.

    I already have one started but with some, I wasnt able to crack all of them such as De-Ice's 1.120A has that awesome rotating password thing goin so they are never the same. Sometimes I can get in there and sometimes I can't. (If anyone knows how they did that, I would love to hear about it.)

    That being said, I don't need the user names or the version of the system that they belong to, just need the word and I will get it compiled as quickly as possible. Thanks to anyone who is willing to help with this.

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    Default Re: Making a De-Ice Wordlist

    Very good idea =]

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