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Thread: Can't get ralink rt2770 usb to work:/

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    Default Can't get ralink rt2770 usb to work:/

    As in title, got ralink rt2770 usb wifi card with abgn options on it but BT4 does not "see" it as a wifi device...
    It is listed in the USB Devices list as an usb device;p not as a network interface...
    I guess I do not have the proper drivers, am I right?
    I remember that BT3 I had on the pendrive worked perfectly with this card, it found and installerd it automatically as a ra0 network interface, but BT4 just seems to ignore it.

    I tried to download/unpack/compile/install the drivers from an original cd and from the internet manufacturer but there were always some problems with it (some bug or errors during compiling <no configure file at all>, most errors I found after entering the make command-which I don't understand, can't google it either).

    What can I do to get it to work?
    Thanks for attention

    PS. This card is not listed in the supported BT4 wifi chipstes list but I know that it worked in the previous version - BT3 on pendrive... I think it shouldn't be so hard to set it up on BT4 either, don't u think?
    PS2. I got the BT4 R2 btw
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