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first thanks for this tool and the effort you put in it.
i have a few requests: an update button so it's easy to go with changes ahead.

Do you mean an Update button that will actually update the version of Dynamo (e.g. update it from version a2 to a3?) That would be a tad bit complicated given that the program would have to download the source code & compile it. I suppose I could put a little notification in the program to say that the version you're currently using is out of date, and then you could go update it yourself. Of course though, I'd have to ask the user's permission before checking the latest version online because you don't want Dynamo sending out packets that make it obvious that you're using Dynamo!!

Or... I could just get Dynamo into the repositories, and then you'd just use the normal Ubuntu automatic update system, but that's a bit premature I think.

second i like to see a window where you can watch the arp proces and stop it after your results are in.
I was gonna make it say which address it's currently ARP'ing, that way it can run in loop forever and you'll know what range it's currently scanning. I'll edit my initial post in this thread to add that as a "future feature".