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Thread: About Gerix version on backtrack

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    Default About Gerix version on backtrack

    Hello all,

    I just saw and video on Youtube showing a Gerix

    I'm using Backtrack 4 and my gerix is a little different than the gerix on video.

    How can i get the Gerix on video?
    I already tried to use:
    apt-get install gerix-wifi-cracker
    But i says gerix has no release candidate

    The bigger difference on Gerix from video is the "One Click Attack" on Wep tab.
    I saw some other differences like on backtrack 4 gerix version dont let me set the -h MAC to make the fake auth.

    Well.. the Gerix on video is a own modified version from the videomaker?

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    Default Re: About Gerix version on backtrack

    That could be a modified version of Gerix, but you could also try to upgrade to the latest Backtrack 4 R2 that could be the solution.
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