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    Default Custom Wordlist Error

    I am trying to make my own custom wordlist. I have ran into a problem that could be potentially hazardous. When trying to separate out a list of only 5 character words, I found a problem with the list itself.
    I ran the command
    cat wordlist.txt | pw-inspector -o wordlist2.txt -m 5 -M 5
    The new list only displayed words that appeared to be 4 characters long. Thinking this might have been a error in pw-inspector, I generated a quick list with crunch and the pw-inspector worked just fine. So I assume this means I have some kind of extra character at the end of each word. This extra character will probably cause the wordlist to be ineffective when cracking.

    Info on how I created the wordlist:
    Downloaded 12dict dictionary from
    Combined the lists and made unique with
    cat list1 list2 list3 | sort -u > wordlist.txt
    Used a custom grep script to duplicate words with hyphens as words without.

    When I open the list with
    nano wordlist2.txt
    I get the message at the bottom that it was converted from DOS. Could this have something to do with my problem?

    So how can I identify the problem and fix it? I have attached a sample of the list.
    File allegati File allegati

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