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Thread: xinit: starting fluxbox/kde automatically

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    Default xinit: starting fluxbox/kde automatically

    Hey, it seems its been longer than i thought since using linux. I used to use gentoo and arch, but have been too lazy to reinstall them so i just picked up backtrack for the easy install. Now i want to start up in fluxbox.. or kde automatically, and have the graphical user login instead of the default backtrack login that says info about logging in and starting x. i know gnome has gdm, but im not sure what kde has, and what are the files

    Im assuming when i type startx its running the top one, and then if i want to run fluxbox i copy .fluxbox into the top one. Kina weird but is that correct? Seems its easier to change one line but w/e.

    Second question is how can i just automatically load into the kde graphical login, i forget the name of that file.. -.-... i know its a one line change, but im not sure of what kde's graphical login is called, and where/what the file is?
    THanks a lot

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    How can you name it other than KDM ?
    You need to have bootsplash to graphic login, but probably it is not supported in BT.

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    If you do not like the command line logon and want the KDE desktop to start automatically.

    nano /etc/inittab

    change the following line:




    If you want leetmode to start automatically.

    cd /root/.kde/Autostart

    ln -s /usr/bin/leetmode leetmode

    That will create a link to leetmode in your autostart directory.

    If you want to stop your CDROM from ejecting on reboots and shutdowns, you need to alter the shutdown script.

    cd /etc/rc.d

    nano rc.6

    Find the relevant piece of code and alter it to look like the following

    # eject cdrom devices
    . ./usr/lib/liblinuxlive
    #echo "Ejecting all CDROMs..."
    #list_cdrom_devices | while read DEVICE; do
    # cdrecord dev=$DEVICE -eject >/dev/null 2>/dev/null
    # can't use eject because it's not working with our kernel
    # eject -s $DEVICE >/dev/null 2>/dev/null
    echo "========================================"
    echo "It's safe to switch the computer off now"
    echo -ne "Press Enter to $command "
    read junk

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