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Thread: Writing Buffer overflow exploits on Linux.

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    Default Writing Buffer overflow exploits on Linux.

    Not long ago I started writing some papers about buffer overflows on Linux.
    The original plan is to make a full series of papers moving from beginner skills to advanced.

    NOTE: The papers do not contain the 101 buffer overflow lessons, there are a lot of resources where you can learn that.

    So here goes:

    Linux exploit development part 1 - Stack overflow
    Linux Exploit Writing Tutorial Pt 2 - Stack Overflow ASLR bypass Using ret2reg
    Linux exploit development part 3 - ret2libc

    Linux Exploit Development Pt 2 (rev 2) - Real App Demo (part 2) which also has a movie demo that can be found here:

    Edit x2:
    Linux exploit development part 3 (rev 2) - Real app demo ret2libc

    In order to be able to reproduce these tutorials you only need a spare PC or a Virtual Environment running Linux, the first 2 tutorials use Backtrack 4 R2 and the last one uses the latest Debian Squeeze.

    If you have missed the Windows tutorials made by @lupin you can check them over here:

    Hope you guys like them (Waiting for feedback!)
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