Hey guys/gals,

Didnt feel comfortable posting this in the video section as it has nothing to do with
tools incorporated within BackTrack, however the questions have come up before
so I decided to put this out there.

I leave it up to the mods to decide as to whether it is applicable to post here or
whether a waste of space to be moved to a more appropriate location or removed
entirely ... ;

A while ago I got a query on how to make a list based on a range of dates, so
I started out with something kind of basic and it sort of grew from there.

Eventually created a bash script 'datelist' which basically creates a list of dates from a given range of dates, it is however limited to 'date' and so is limited to 1902 -- 2037 dates.
Following a request, also included an option to either prepend, or append numeric
values to an existing (date)wordlist.

For those who may be interested, video on creating date wordlists can be found here ;

(Yes, I cringe when I see the spelling mistakes.. don't have a clue how they slipped through..)

And the blogpost on which it is based can be found here ;

Should you feel inclined to give the script a whirl, it can be downloaded at ;


Looking forward to any and all comments on it !