So I just set up a 8 GB flash drive with BT4. I have a linksys E2000 wireless -n, router that is hard wired to my desktop. When I run the virtual box on my desktop I can connect to the internet, but when I boot my satellite laptop, from USB I can't seem to set up a connection. When I boot from windows, I have like 6 or 7 wireless connections to choose from. I've done a lot of searching and tried turning the networking on. The thing is when I use the "lspci" command, it shows both my atheros 8152 ethernet, and my realtec nic. I'm new to linux, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Also when I went back to the Linuxliveusb creator website i noticed that they say that once you have made the BT4 usb with persistence, that you can't download new drivers. I'm kind of under the impression that I just need to set it up, but I've tried the "ifconfig", "iwconfig", and several other things I saw on other threads. No matter what I do I get no connections available. Thanks in advance.