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Thread: Backtrack on a Smartphone

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    Quote Originally Posted by kidFromBigD View Post

    2) Care to go wardriving? Hope you can tolerate poor WiFi reception. We're talking about internal antenna with ~2DBi rating. What are you going to pull in with that?... 3) Are you going inject packets? Now you're asking for the WiFi chipset to support it.
    Myself and others have gotten a full Debian operating system to run on several HTC phones (Universal, Blue Angel, Apache, Magician, several iPaq's), booting off of SD / microSD , and have been able to use external USB wireless cards with injection on the Freerunner. I've been able to inject with several of the HTC's and iPaq's as well that have the acx chipset internally (the SDIO versions). I'm already running Debian on my Touch Pro with XFCE4 on an 8GB microSD card.

    The MSM7xxx / MSM7xxxA chips FULLY support USB 2.0 in host mode - there are developers working on the driver ports as we speak, since the full chip specifications have been released in the wild (making this process turbo charged). This means that we will see the needed USB host drivers ported quite soon allowing us to utilize external USB cards on our MSM7xxx(A) phones running Linux.

    That means I'll be able to actually use this setup of mine soon:

    Quote Originally Posted by kidFromBigD View Post
    Unknown at this point. Even if you could, now you're draining your puny 900mAH battery rapidly.
    B.S. -- first off, you must have been ripped off on your Diamond; my Raphael which is damn near identical has a 1340mAh battery out of the box.

    Secondly, how much juice do you think internal cards actually take in phones that are capable of injecting?? (i.e. acx chipsets).

    Third, even using USB host mode on HTC's and the Freerunner with an rt73 card (WUSB54GC), I've never seen more than ~80mAh used MAX. For using the Alfa, yes -- you need to either buy or build a small power injector.

    Quote Originally Posted by kidFromBigD View Post
    For my HTC Touch Diamond with WiFi and GPS support, here's a modest collection of applications available to help you wardrive:

    1) Try Aspecto Software WiFiFoFum This will support GPS and you can save the file in .KML format for later viewing with google maps

    2) Try Pontisoft Sniffi Also with GPS support, a slick interface and 'radar' feature to help you pinpoint APs..
    Airomap is better then both of those.

    Quote Originally Posted by kidFromBigD View Post
    This whole topic is deserving of its own thread, perhaps.
    There has been a few; use the search function.

    Quote Originally Posted by kidFromBigD View Post
    Bottom line: My dream of a BT distro for a smartphone platform is dead. I'm perfectly happy to collect info in the field and bring it back home for analysis later. Your mileage may vary.
    Your mileage must suck.
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