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Thread: problem with openvpn

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    Default problem with openvpn

    first: sorry for my bad & ugly english.
    second: i am new to linux and backtrack.ok..
    i have a pc that is connected to internet with ethernet cable.
    recently i added new nic to turn my pc into a proxy server that YourFreedom is installed on it.
    in my country some sites and services are filter by operator so i want use internet without any limit in my small home network.
    i explain the condition and stuff once again and clearly,
    * i have 1 pc that is connected to internet and a pci nic.(eth0 connected to internet and eth1 is my internal nic)
    * Yourfreedom installed on pc
    * openvpn installed on pc too
    * i have firestarter firewall on my pc and it shares internet with DHCP enable in lan.
    * linksys wrt320n router that is config to be DHCP forwarder mode.

    internet come from nano station and with ethernet cable to eth0.
    then another ethernet cable from eth1 is connected to router.
    i start firestarter and it share internet in lan so any device can use internet.(wire and wireless device)
    then i start yourFreedom and it connect so i can use my server to surf internet without limit and filter.(other device is connected to internet still but no freedom,internet is filter yet)
    then when i select the openvpn in yourfreedom server is connect to internet and use it but internal network can not access to internet any more.
    i am cofused.
    i don know what and where is problem.
    help plz .

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    Default Re: problem with openvpn

    Just use proxy

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