I'm looking for an improved Rx miniPCIe for my laptop to upgrade an Intel 5300 card that has limited injection abilities (especially under Win7).

Main usage under Win7 64bit and BT4 r2 - especially for 802.11g WEP/WPA Pentesting and somewhat less for 802.11n.

My laptop is Dell Inspiron 1520 that has full size miniPCIe slots and 3 built-in antennas (upto 3x3 MiMo).
I saw the very good reviews on the SR71-E but since its discontinued (right?) and costly.. I wondered if theres an alternative model with similar properties - especially on the Rx/monitoring abilities (can be a bit less powerful on the Tx side).

Preferably that can utilize the 3x3 antennas on my current laptop.
Might be Half size mPCIe to use with adapter (so I'll be able to keep it if I'll switch to a smaller laptop).
USB/External adapters are not relevant to me at the moment.