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inSSIDer is FREE, open-source Wi-Fi scanning software. And yet you want to know more. Wow. you truly are our type of geek. Take a look at the features below to see what makes inSSIDer special.

inSSIDer 2 for Linux (alpha)

Thank you for your interest in inSSIDer 2 for Linux. This is an alpha release so we would love to get your feedback.

About inSSIDer for Linux

inSSIDer is the first award-winning wi-fi scanner to come out of the woodwork since the netstumbler era. Use inSSIDer to war drive or troubleshoot Wi-Fi channel placement. This program will display all Wi-Fi access points within range and display their MAC address, SSID, RSSI, Channel, Vendor, Encryption, Max Rate and Network Type. Use the filters feature to quickly sort through long lists of access points. inSSIDer is maintained by MetaGeek LLC but was made possible by community development. Linux development was pioneered by Ashok Gelal.

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What’s Unique about inSSIDer?

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7 (32 and 64-bit)
Uses the Native Wi-Fi API and your current Wireless network card
Sort results by Mac Address, SSID, Channel, RSSI and "Time Last Seen"
Compatible with most GPS devices (NMEA v2.3 and higher)

How can inSSIDer help me?

Inspect your WLAN and surrounding networks to troubleshoot competing access points
Track the strength of received signal in dBm over time
Filter access points in an easy-to-use format
Highlight access points for areas with high Wi-Fi concentration
Export Wi-Fi and GPS data to a KML file to view in Google Earth.
Filter through hundreds of scanned access points

Open Source

InSSIDer is open-source software and FREE to download. It’s licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. The source code is freely available from our public repository at http://github.com/metageek-llc/inSSIDer-2.