First of all. This is my first How to/Tutorial. I would like to thank Archangel-Amael for his "How to make an effective Tutorial or How-To guide".

Perhaps this has more to do with linux in general than with BackTrack alone, but I hope it's okay. And if anyone has suggestions and/or improvements, comments are welcome !

So, I was looking for a way to use the WIN key on my keyboard to open up Konsole. The WIN key is usually situated between CTRL and ALT (left) (for the people who don't know what I mean).

I found out that the WIN key is a modifier and requires another key to function as a shortcut. I found a way to work around this using xmodmap.

1. I created .xmodmap in my home folder.
touch .xmodmap
2. Open xev and hit your WIN key and look at what the keycode is. In my case it was "133". Yours may be different.

3. Edit .xmodmap and insert the following line: keycode 133 = F13. Where 133 is your own keycode.
nano .xmodmap
Now the system thinks the WIN key is F13 (which usually does not exist. If you prefer another key you can use that)

And when you do:
xmodmap ~/.xmodmap
It will set the key. You can now use it in keyboard shortcuts>command shortcuts>Konsole.....

I tried to make the script autostart but it didn't work. Perhaps someone on this forum may comment on that. What I tried is the following.

4. Create a script with the following lines:
xmodmap ~/.xmodmap
5. I saved this file as "xmodmap" but you can use another name if you like. When done copy/move the file to /etc/init.d/

6. Update the startupscript.
update-rc.d xmodmap defaults
and reboot ? It didn't work for me. I thinks it's because xorg was not started yet (startx). It said " Display not found" I think.