Hi there. I tried BackTrack as LiveCD and i gotta admit - nice work. But however i don`t want to mess up my system so i will ask: If i have already multiple OS and with Dual-boot_loading, in my case - WindowsXP and PCBSD1.3, so if i install BackTrack on another partition will i still have loading options so that i can choose which OS i like to boot? Like triple-booting or multiple-booting.. And is there a limit of OS? Also i`m interested if i install it like this - i can also install another(it would be 4th) OS and still no problems with booting and so on? And if i choose to remove it what must i do to don`t f*ck up the rest of system? Tnx even before.(:
P.S.Q means question(s). I just like to shorten it..
P.P.S.Is there also somewhere a tutorial|guide about setup?