Hi All!
I have a Acer 3683WXCi laptop with with builtin Atheros 5005G network card.
Wind Vista Basic & LifeCD BackTrack2Final.
BackTrack detects the card and loads drivers sometimes.
Then i try:

airmon-ng stop ath0
rmmod ath_pci
modprobe ath_pci
airmon-ng start wifi0
ifconfig ath0 up
Then typing iwconfig.... and i see the unit in monitor mode, but my "kismet -s ath0"

-> "l" indicated "Server is not reporting card power levels. No signal information

is available"

"My antenna, and another stuff is fine - not sure if these are directed at me? - it

works in windows and slax 6.0.0 rc3.
The problem I was having with BT2 seemed to be that when the usb modules (ohci_hdc)

loaded it was killing IRQ#11 (IRQ#11 Disabled), my wifi was also on IRQ#11 so it was

05-06-2007, 04:50 PM)"

I tried alot of stuff to fix it, including acpi=off, nohotplug, IRQPill, but this no

take effect, have any ideas?