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Thread: BT2 liveCD question

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    Default BT2 liveCD question

    This probably belongs in the Backtrack2 forum, but I was unable to post there. I am a little confused, BT2 doc seems to imply that the rt73 driver is included in the liveCD. However none of the tools appear to recognize my USB interface (edimax 7318), and then I saw other instructions that seem to suggest I should download the driver from serial-monkey, do a make and install. What am I missing? thx

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    nothing you miss nothing....

    the native driver in BT2 for rt73 is fonctionnal and activated but it's not so good for injection or things like that, you can use it to connect to the internet with no pb, but for other things..... better to dl the serialmonkey driver patched and fully working for injection and to install it of course......

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