So I've been reading up and trying things out to get my WEP key cracked, and I'm not 100% sure on one of the steps...

Now, at some point in time or another, I have to DeAuth a client that is connected to the AP in question.

I'm guessing I'm supposed to see all of that in Airodump, right? And the client that I want to DeAuth would be listed under the "Station" header, right?

So I've rtied 2 different methods to try to work with this.
airodump-ng -w capture -c 6 eth1
airodump-ng -w capture -c 6 --bssid (MAC of target AP) eth1
Now, when I run the first one, there are a bunch of Stations that get listed, but under BSSID, they all have (not associated). When I run the second one, there are no stations listed at all.

Does this mean that there are no clients associated with my target AP?
And why would there be so many (16+) stations listed that are not associated?