You can see, I am very new in this Forum. I saw that I have to wait 3 days to ask a question here. Sorry, I can not wait so long. First, excuse me, my English is not so good.
Now I try a long time to get my network on BT/BT2 working.

I think my hardware is not supported by BT/BT2. I have a Notebook ACER TravelMate290(The Sticker/Label says TravelMate291LMI). It has a WiFi Card calls Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 (802.11b WLAN).

So if you say forget it no support for that Wireless Card I´m fine and will not try any more. But maybe I am the one that makes the mistakes.

I tried on both BT and BT2

all the same:No such device

Maybe some of you has the same Laptop and kann tell me if I have to buy a Wireless Stick and maybe WHAT Stick? If there exist a link please tell me.(Maybe in German )
Thank you and sorry I did not want to spam you newbie Forum